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Welcome - Annabelle Van Nieuwenhuyse



Introduction - Marie-Christine Marghem



The SDGs and Business: New Principles of Corporate Strategy and Governance - Jeffrey Sachs (via Skype)



By 2030: Global promise to local action - Barbara Pesce-Monteiro (UN/UNDP Director for Brussels)



SDGs translated into Good Life Goals - Hilary Tam (Futerra)






Coffee break






The SDG Barometer Explained - Lars Moratis (AMS) and Valérie Swaen (UCL)






Panel debate - moderator Wayne Visser



- Kira Van den Ende - member of Generation T
- Philippe van Parijs (UCL)
- Jan Noterdaeme (CSR Europe)
- Patrizia Heidegger (SDG Watch Europe/Multi-Stakeholder Platform for the Implementation of the SDGs)







SLOT 1 13:45 - 15:00



Session 1 - The SD-What? Tips on raising awareness of the SDGs (in Dutch) - VVSG

VVSG uses its experience with local government to give some widely-applicable tips on raising awareness of the SDGs. How can you make the SDGs more visible? How can you turn the SDGs into a talking point? How can you involve colleagues, policy-makers and citizens? Discover usable tools, inspiring practical examples and creative ways of working.

Session 2 - How to integrate human rights and respect into corporate enterprise? (in Dutch/French/English) - FIDO

During this session we will be answering a few burning questions around human rights and organisations: What does universal human rights mean exactly? Why is the respect for human rights important for an organisation? What are the greatest social challenges (The Danish Institute for Human Rights) - What tools can we use (University of Antwerp & IPIS Research)?

Session 3 - Getting started with Agenda 2030 in a holistic manner (in Dutch) - CIFAL Flanders

Peter Wollaert, UNITAR director at CIFAL Flanders gives a short introduction to Agenda 2030 and explains the ‘SDG Wheel’ (circular methodology for the SDGs at CIFAL FLANDERS). During this session you will learn how to evaluate your organisation's sustainability strategy, how to identify sore points and how to measure your organisation's ambitions against Agenda 2030.

Session 4 - SDGs: What are the opportunities for business? (in Dutch/French) - FEB-BECI-UWE

How to use the SDGs as a tool to develop new market opportunities? Following an introduction putting the SDGs in perspective in respect of sustainable enterprise (Vanessa Biebel - FEB), we will see how two organisations of different sizes are integrating this concept into their management and corporate strategy. Wilfried Remans (CSR Director BNP Paribas) and Dan Azria (Sense Agency)  will explain the reasons for this commitment, along with their approach and the impact of this. The session will close by proposing several practical tools that allow you to integrate the SDGs into your reporting, including the SDG Compass among others.

Session 5 - Sulitest: measuring and improving Sustainability Literacy (in Dutch/French) - STG

The Sulitest(link is external) was developed to evaluate and improve your knowledge of the SDG targets. This internationally-recognised online multiple-choice questionnaire is freely available for everyone. Attend the official launch of the Belgian component of the Sulitest, find out all about the concept and discover how you can get started with it in practice.

Session 6 - Cap 2030/Focus 2030 (FR) - Associations 21

Cap 2030 is an entertainment tool for familiarising those unaware of the 17 SDGs, starting from what they are doing, have already done or are planning to do, of their realities, leading to real individual or collective action. Cap 2030 exists in both French and Dutch.

Session 7 - Political perspective 2030 (in Dutch/French) - Perspective2030

Perspective 2030 is sounding the alarm. Our policies are not yet on course to 'leave no-one behind'. We sketch out the reality, scan down the political agenda for the coming two years and indicate the concrete action that the authorities must quickly take if they wish to fly the SDG flag with credibility.

Session 8 - The SDGs seen in the light of inclusive work and enterprise (in Dutch) - The Workplace Architects

The labour market is on fire. Nonetheless, people with talent are struggling to find a job that matches their abilities. The Workplace Architects help them along the way with the motto ‘No inclusive society without inclusive work and enterprise!’ The SDGs have a role to play in this.

Session 9 - Creating sustainable mindsets: incorporating the SDGs into higher education

This session will be co-organised by different higher education institutions. It will look at best practices in higher education in terms of integrating the SDGs into teaching and student engagement, as well as competency development for creating sustainable mindsets.



Coffee break





SLOT 2 15:45 - 17:00



Session 10 -   GoodCrowd (in Dutch) - AMS

Stakeholder consultation is an essential component of any sustainability strategy. The free online stakeholder tool GoodCrowd – based on the SDGs – can help your organisation with consulting and engaging
stakeholders. This makes GoodCrowd an indispensable tool when developing and evaluating your CSR policy or reporting, and when gathering opinions on your SDG engagement. Ann
Vandenhende (Spadel) and Eric de Deckere (Havenbedrijf) give their testimony of how GoodCrowd can help you in practice.

Session 11 - SDGs and sustainable tourism (in Dutch) - Joker

An interactive workshop that offers participants an introduction to sustainable tourism and the SDGs. No huge theoretical frameworks - just a whole range of inspiring examples as found in practice from all across the world. A
session for all keen travellers who want to help make a difference!

Session 12 - The Universal Declaration of Human Rights is turning 70 (in English) - VVN

In 1948, the United Nations signed the human rights treaty, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR). Despite the 70-year-old treaty, we see countless human rights violations on a daily basis
in the media. In this session, an expert panel will discuss the outcome of the treaty and how Agenda 2030 can contribute to the realisation of human rights.

Introduction ‘The UDHR is turning 70’: Prof. Dr. Neri Sybesma-Knol, Em. Professor of International Law VUB and Honorary Chairperson UNA Flanders Belgium  
Reflections on the importance of the UDHR:
- Marésa Le Roux, International Cooperation Coordinator Liberal Trade Union ACLVB
- Philippe Hensmans, Director Amnesty International Belgique francophone
- Khalid Benhaddou, Imam El Fath mosque Gent and Chairperson Platform Flemish Imams (link is external)
- Ezéchiel Amani Cirimwami, Congolese State Magistrate, Former Deputy Public Prosecutor, Ph.D Candidate in Public International Law VUB  
Moderator: Peter Wollaert, UNITAR Fellow, Director CIFAL Flanders, Chair UNA Flanders Belgium
Session 13 - The 7 roles of a CSR Manager (in English) - The RockGroup

This workshop focuses on the profession of the CSR manager, using international research into the 7 roles a CSR manager plays in organisations to get CSR off the ground, achieve results and create support.  The results of
a survey among Belgian CSR managers on 'the state of the CSR profession' will be shared. The workshop will be interactive, sharing knowledge with room for dialogue.

Session 14 - Investing in SDGs: the need for impact (in Dutch/French) - University of Antwerp

If we want the SDGs to become a reality, this will demand great investment. An estimated 12 trillion USD in sectors such as agriculture, health, energy and sustainable urban development. The flip-side of this is what it will yield. The equal access of men and women to the labour market, for example - SDG 5: gender equality - would lead to a rise in global GNP by more than 20 trillion USD. In this workshop, we will look at the financial side of the SDG story. On the one hand, we will examine how the banking sector can contribute to this. On the other, we will demonstrate a way of measuring the SDG impact from investments. Always with a view to a positive, realistic contribution from the financial sector to the 17 SDGs. Participating in this workshop are Vigeo-Eiris, Forum Ethibel, Febelfin and the University of Antwerp.

Session 15 - Designing public policies that contribute to sustainable development (in French)
                    Public Service of Wallonia - Sustainable Development

Through a serious game that stimulates collective intelligence, participants will discover that the 17 SDGs are all ideas that make a project more sustainable - because it is enriched by each of the 17 goals - and
more resilient - because it is likely to interest more partners.

Session 16 - Join the SDGeneration (in English) - VVN Youth

Workshop on sustainable youth associations (= youth movements + student associations): How can the Sustainable Development Goals be implemented and put into practice in the context of youth movements and student associations, and what are the ideal platforms for creating awareness among students and the youth? We will look at the SDGs in more detail in small groups. The session concludes with a summarising presentation. Several SDGs are scrutinised in groups, followed by a final presentation.

Session 17 - Changing the paradigm of 'development': towards development based on biodiversity and woodland (in Dutch) - WWF

How to change the paradigm that development is largely based on deforestation and reducing the quality of our living environment, into one of development without deforestation? WWF proposes a few strategies to have sustainable
development based on the protection of biodiversity and woodland. How are native local communities approaching this in Ecuador, Congo and Cambodia?