SDG Forum 2019

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campagnebeeld SDG-Forum


After a successful first edition, a second SDG Forum had to follow. The SDG Forum 2019 is taking place on Tuesday 24 September in SQUARE Brussels Convention Centre.

It will be a day with international speakers such as John Elkington, debates, interactive sessions and information stands that will take participants from the global to the local level.

The central thread through all of this remains ‘SDGs: from everyone, for everyone and by everyone’.

From everyone

On 25 September 2015, all 193 UN member stateson behalf of their populations, signed a new agenda with 2030 as its horizon. It contains seventeen goals - the Sustainable Development Goals - to get our world back on track towards sustainable development.

For everyone

The SDGs aim to tackle the most important, global challenges in social, economic and ecological terms. They thereby have a strong emphasis on the principle of leaving no-one behind. If these goals are not achieved, this will come at a cost to the planet, to ourselves and mostly for future generations.

By everyone

The SDGs are largely an ‘us’ story. Every individual, every business, every organisation, every authority at whatever level, has something to contribute and they should ideally do so together. The SDGs break with the pigeon-holing of the past and will ideally lead to unexpected partnerships to help rid the world of the concerns that we share.


The second edition ends and starts with a plenary session. Both sessions offer keynote speeches and debates. Simultaneous interpretation into Dutch and French is provided. John Elkington, founder of the triple bottom line and global authority on corporate social responsibility and sustainable development, will certainly be present.

The SDG Forum also offers you no less than thirty workshops divided into series just before and after the lunch break.

You can find more details on the program page. The day starts with a welcome at 08:30 and ends with a network reception until 19:00. You can make up your own day programme.


Finally, the programme offers ample opportunities for networking, talking and - who knows? - cooking up SDG plans together.

To stimulate this aspect of the SDG Forum, you could play the SDG Bingo throughout the day. How this will work (and what will be in it for the winner/s) will be explained at the start of the Forum. But definitely this: bring your own lanyard!

You can also meet up with the SDG Voices both from this year and previous years. What were they able to achieve? How did they go about it? What tips can they give? Join them at lunch time and bombard them with questions.

During the lunch break we also provide SDG assistance at the speakers' corner. Every quarter of an hour between 12:15 and 13:15 an organization will speak to provide you with information. Making a booking is not required, listening is.