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Introduction - Marie-Christine Marghem

By 2030: Global promise to local action - Barbara Pesce-Monteiro (UN/UNDP Director for Brussels)

SDGs translated into Good Life Goals - Hilary Tam (Futerra)

Explanation of the SDG Barometer - Lars Moratis (AMS) and Valérie Swaen (UCL)

Session 1 - The SD-What? Tips on raising awareness of the SDGs (in Dutch) - VVSG

Session 2 - How to integrate human rights and respect into corporate enterprise? (in Dutch/French/English) - FIDO

Session 3 - Getting started with Agenda 2030 in a holistic manner (in Dutch) - CIFAL Flanders

Session 4 - SDGs: What are the opportunities for business? (in Dutch/French) - FEB-BECI-UWE

Session 5 - Sulitest: measuring and improving Sustainability Literacy (in Dutch/French) - STG

Session 6 - Cap 2030/Focus 2030 (FR) - Associations 21

Session 7 - Political perspective 2030 (in Dutch/French) - Perspective2030

Session 8 - The SDGs seen in the light of inclusive work and enterprise (in Dutch) - The Workplace Architects

Session 9 - Creating sustainable mindsets: incorporating the SDGs into higher education

Session 10 -   GoodCrowd (in Dutch) - AMS

Session 11 - SDGs and sustainable tourism (in Dutch) - Joker

Session 12 - The Universal Declaration of Human Rights is turning 70 (in English) - VVN

Session 13 - The 7 roles of a CSR Manager (EN) - The RockGroup

Session 14 - Investing in SDGs: the need for impact (in Dutch/French) - University of Antwerp

Session 15 - Designing public policies that contribute to sustainable development (in French)

Through collective intelligence, the participants discovered that the 17 Sustainable Development Goals are all ideas for improving public policy. As a team, we have established a radar to locate the existing efforts with regard to the SDGs and made proposals to enrich the sustainable sport policy (ADEPS, in the Wallonia-Brussels Federation). The people in charge of this policy pointed out the most interesting ideas for their work. The Public Service of Wallonia (Sustainable Development Department) which conducted this workshop will guide ADEPS to further deepen reflection.

Session 16 - Join the SDGeneration (EN) - VVN Youth (Round-table discussions - no presentations)

Session 17 - Changing the paradigm of 'development': towards development based on biodiversity and woodland (in Dutch) - WWF