Ubuntu Festival

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Ubuntu is a free music festival, easy accessible and for the whole family. The festival adapts important values: solidarity, tolerance, accessibility and sustainability. Besides an attractive musical programme, we offer a comprehensive and inviting range of entertaining activities for all ages. These activities take a substantive and sustainable approach and are linked to the various SDGs. The aim is to inform visitors in an active and easily-accessible manner.

Maintaining the same philosophy, we developed the exhibition “Everyone is a SDG Hero”. This exhibition premiered at the Ubuntu Festival 2018. It is composed of 15 handy roll-up banners. These depict volunteers from across the world as “heroes”. Through these banners, visitors get to know the organisations they are working for and find out more about the SDGs they are linked to. We also offer an audio tour throughout the exhibition, which can be activated with a smartphone or audio device via a QR code. The audio gives a personal testimony from the volunteer’s point of view, depicted on each banner. In this way, visitors can learn “directly” about this volunteer's engagement.

With this exhibition, Ubuntu Festival VZW wants to arouse the curiosity of the visitor, so that they can consult other channels for more information about what these organizations represent in the story of sustainable development and sdgs.