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The incredible variety of food on our plates should not be taken for granted. To feed a growing world population in a changing climate, the food sector needs to seek out stable supply chains that can guarantee affordable food of high quality for everyone - both now and in the future.

Rikolto (Islands of Peace) believes that family farms hold a large part of the answer. These farmers collectively produce more than 70% of our food. But individually they are in a weak market position, which leaves their potential unutilised. Change at a global scale is needed to ensure that food markets create value for everyone, beginning with farmers.

Rikolto coaches groups of farmers to become reliable business partners who use the best agricultural techniques. We connect groups of farmers with supermarkets and companies from the food sector. We search for new ways of doing business in the long term, where profits and risks are shared.

As an SDG Voice, Rikolto aims to see the food supply in the major supermarket chains made more sustainable. They collaborate with consumers to achieve it. Sustainable shopping still remains more of an ideal than a practical reality. Major supermarkets are not adapting their product range, nor are consumers altering the purchasing habits. With their project, Rikolto is giving the citizens behind those largely unsustainable weekly shops the chance to push through their sustainable ideas and enter into a dialogue with the supermarket chains. This will soon make the easy choice a sustainable one too.